About Jason Barker.

How I became a millionaire before age 50 by Operating a Small Automotive Business

Now I teach my fellow automotive business owners how to accomplish my same success in far less time.

Hint:  I learned from making almost every business mistake possible, but only once!

Jason Barker

My dad was a self-employed small business owner so I always had the ‘work for yourself’ mindset while growing up.

But while my dad was strong on teaching a solid work ethic, he didn’t provide much career guidance. 
“Just out-work everyone and you’ll rise to the top” was the message.

So this was my mindset… just work harder!  

When I got my first real job out of high school, this “work harder” attitude worked, but only for a few years. 
I was a drafter in an engineering department, and by age 23 I had already reached the top of the pay scale.  More college would’ve helped, but I was already married and had a mortgage and car payments. (Online education courses weren’t so readily available or affordable back in 1993 either.)

Talk about short-changing my life’s financial goals!  There I was at 23, and I could already graph out my monthly income for the rest of my life.  I didn’t like this “cap” on my earnings because I had big dreams!  (Who in their 20’s doesn’t have big dreams?)

I knew the answer to my problem… self-employment.  I mean, my dad earned a pretty damn good income, and his income increased the harder and longer he worked too!  

I quickly found the only business that I could “afford” to buy; it was a one-person car detailing business.  By maxing out cash withdrawals on several credit cards I handed over $40,000 and a lien on my house, and I was in business! 
**WARNING: Absolutely DO NOT buy a business this way!**  

I was self-employed at last! No more out-working my co-workers only to earn the same paycheck as them! 
I was going to be rich, baby! 
Probably retire by the time I hit 30.

I proudly and confidently marched into my new business and promptly worked for 16 straight days before I finally collapsed on my couch from complete exhaustion. 
Uhhhh, this business ownership thing was a LOT harder than I’d anticipated, obviously.

Fast forward 20+ years of making mistakes **and learning from them** and I am over one million dollars in true net worth, while working about 35 hours per week with less than 3 employees at my auto detailing business. 
Some of you work 60+ hours per week and have 20+ employees, and you’re afraid to calculate your net worth for fear of it being a negative number.  No judgments... that's why I'm here to help you.

It has not been a smooth road for me, but it’s provided me with the experience and knowledge to effectively teach others how to achieve the same (and more!) results in far less time and with far less personal stress.

Sure I love earning money, but something happens as you get older, you enjoy seeing others succeed in areas that you had such a hard time. 
 want to help others succeed in my areas of expertise. 
It’s called the grandparent’s curse; you know your students will succeed without you, but when they’re ready to listen, you can rocket their results and help them achieve their financial and personal goals in far less time.  But you must be ready to listen.  Just handing out free advice always falls on deaf ears, but...

"When the student is ready to listen, their teacher will appear."

My automotive detailing business is fantastic, and very rewarding for me, but

My dream automotive business is helping other owners achieve THEIR dream automotive business"
(Thanks to Mrs. Porterfield for this inspiration)

For several years I’d helped other owners for free. 
But free has its limits. 
Even when struggling owners reached out to me for help, I found that they rarely implemented my proven strategies for increased profits and lower personal stress. 
It was very aggravating! 
In fact, it was so aggravating that I finally stopped helping altogether. 
Why waste my time, and increase my own stress by getting involved with an owner who needed my help, asked for my help, listened to my help, but who just ended up making excuses for why they wouldn’t implement my help and therefore continued to struggle??  

But then a learning moment happened to me… someone who I’d declined to help willingly offered to pay me.  Gasp!  Get paid for helping someone?  What is this?  Must be a rare one-off occurrence.
I refused to help them at first because I felt it would be unethical to charge someone who was already strapped for cash and whose business was struggling just to pay its bills even when they were working 60+ hours per week, and therefore neglecting their family life too.
But they were persistent, so I accepted their money (I held their money aside, thinking I would probably just give it back to them once they failed to follow my advice, like all the others). 
Well guess what happened to that business? 
That business is now far more profitable, and the owner works fewer hours, and their business is a true asset to them, it’s no longer just an un-quitable job.  

After several months I asked them why they implemented my plan so willingly, (get ready for my "Aha!" moment) their answer was...

"Because I didn’t want to waste the money I’d paid you.” 

Well duh Jason I thought as I slapped myself on the forehead. 

Information you’ve paid for is far more valuable than free information, precisely because you’ve paid for it.  

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”  

In my case this means that my students are ready to learn only when they’re willing to pay for my teachings. 
Only when they pay for my teachings are they most successful. 
In fact, the more I charge for my teachings, the more successful those students are, because they really want to get their money’s worth! 
Any time I’ve given a student a “scholarship” or discounted rate due to an extreme financial hardship case, they’ve ended up underperforming or quitting my course altogether.  (Usually backed by weak excuses). 
While other students who paid full price go on to keep more of their profits and enjoy a less stressful ownership experience. 

My goal is for you to earn back at least 30 times my courses’ price in the first year alone.
From there, the sky is the limit because you will now have this knowledge for life! 
It will keep paying you back every time you follow its direction.

So, are you ready to evolve your business into something more profitable and more rewarding, while taking less of your time and lowering your stress?

If you’ve read this far, you’re ready. 
If you’ve read this far, you know that paying for information can drastically change your life for the better. 
You get to keep this information forever, and implement it for years, which makes this financial investment so small in comparison to the huge rewards you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life.

Jason Barker showing off Buffalo Bills Tattoo

But what about Jason Barker, the person?

I am forever indebted to my parents for the sacrifices they made for me while I was “growing up”.

I love home-brewing my own beer, and also competing on the BBQ circuit.

I am a serious car nut, and I still love detailing cars in my detailing business.

The 80’s music and videos era in America were the most magical times.

I root for the Buffalo Bills and Oregon State Beavers.

I am a cancer survivor, and I will buy a drink for any fellow cancer warrior I meet.

Peru is a mind-blowingly fascinating country.

Global travel is the best way to build bridges between us, and tear down walls that divide us.