"How to Hire Great Automotive Employees"

The proven how-to guide to stop babysitting, and start hiring great automotive employees for your business.


Common Feelings That We Business Owners Face When Dealing With Our Employees

You're not alone!  We all deal with these problems throughout our career as business owners.

Feel Like You're Running a Day-Care Center?

(but it's disguised as an automotive business?) 
If your employees need constant babysitting then welcome to business ownership my friend.  This is usually the most stressful and aggravating part of running an automotive business isn't it?  Dealing with all the personal problems of your employees can remind you of a junior high school teacher dealing with a bunch of irresponsible brats!  If only they would just think like you and see the value in doing their jobs and leaving their emotional garbage at home.  The TV show The Office has nothing on the drama that happens out in the shop at an automotive business!  Maybe I'll pitch a TV show called The Shop.

Do You Often Say "I'll just do it myself!"

Your employees just don't seem to follow directions do they?  Or worse, they follow your directions to a tee, but as soon as they're done with that immediate task, they sit down and start scrolling on their phone until you give them more directions.  "I finished what you told me, but I don't know what to do next" has got to be the most aggravating statement for a business owner.  Here's an idea, think for yourself and be proactive and find something to do next!  Ugh this situation is so maddening.  You hired them to do a job and to take some of the workload off of you because you want to grow your business, and you're tired of spending 60 hours down at the shop.  But with all the babysitting you have to do, you wonder if it would be faster and more simpler to just do it all yourself like the old days. 

Feel like firing everyone?

 ...and starting over because your employees miss deadlines, perform substandard work, or don't show up for work at all?  Between the constant bickering and backstabbing between employees who can't get along, and the come-backs from poor quality workmanship, sometimes you just want to fire the lot of them and start over (or worse, quit altogether!)  We've all been in this place before, when the stress and pressure of managing employees at your body shop or mechanic shop or detail shop etc. just gets to an explosion point inside you.  You know it's the wrong thing to do, but the thought of firing everyone can also feel like your only solution.  I mean, how did you find and hire these employees anyway?  How did it come to this?

Feel Exhausted from all those hours down at your shop...

...making up for your employees low productivity and redoing their poor quality work?  You know this isn't sustainable working all these extra hours.  You're missing your kid's activities, you're missing quiet time with your spouse, you haven't touched your own personal project in months.  It seems like your entire world now revolves around your auto business.  Sure you like working on cars and running your own business, but the fun parts are a distant memory now.  The employees you've hired get to clock-out at 5pm and skip off home worry-free while you finish the books, repair equipment, order supplies, and finish up loose ends around the shop.  If you're taking home a great paycheck from your business then this helps offset all those hours for awhile, but as soon as your business hits an inevitable economic downturn, or you get a serious illness (from all the stress and unhealthy lifestyle perhaps?) then you're in real trouble.  The thought of letting your current employees run your entire business for weeks or months at a time causes you even more stress!

Do You Hate the Frequent Employee Turnover at Your Shop?

You know that frequent employee turnover at your business is costing you money, but have you ever done a quick math session to know exactly what it's costing you?  If you hate turnover now, do the math and you'll see that it's costing you even more than you know.  And this is just the financial cost, you know that the emotional stress and worry it costs you is even higher.  Finding, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and keeping the best employees is crucial to your business success and your personal sanity.  But you didn't start your automotive business just because you love recruiting new workers did you?  You don't wake up every morning excited about the prospect of interviewing candidates for a position you need filled yesterday do you?  You even let your current employees get away with all kinds of poor behavior simply because you loathe the thought of finding, recruiting, interviewing, and hiring their replacement.  So you just eventually give in and let them run amok, to your business' and your own health's detriment.

That Sinking Feeling of Turning Away Profitable Work Because You Don't Have the Staff

...and you know that those profitable jobs are going right down the street to your inferior competitor.  In fact, your competitor might even be living entirely off of your overflow!  You do all the marketing, have all the best reviews, pay the highest wages, and ensure everyone is happy in order to keep your auto shop's reputation stellar in the community, but because you can find people who want to work, you have to wave those high-profit jobs right out the door.  If this isn't the biggest punch in the gut for us owners!  Your competitors cut all kinds of corners and they do shoddy work, but they still get the jobs you should be getting.  All because you can't find, recruit, interview, and hire enough good employees.  If only you could learn how to do this... is there a way to find good workers?  Are there any good millennials out there willing to work?

It shouldn't be this way ...and buying this course is the first step to getting out of this cycle.

I know what all of this feels like!

The Solution to Finding, Recruiting, Interviewing, and Hiring Good Employees

I've hired and fired countless employees over the decades.  It's no fun worrying about whether they're going to show up for work, or if they're going to damage another customer's car, or if they're stealing from you... the list goes on.  There must be a way!  There is a way, and I've proven it over and over with great success.  The solution is an easy-to-follow proven step-by-step guide that shows you how to hire the best employees.

  • Lesson 1: Understanding why your employees think differently than you.

    Stop fighting your employee's behavior and start understanding why they have a different mindset.  Once you undertand why your workers think the way they do (yes even millennials) you can start to make them think more like you, the owner. This makes for a more profitable business, and a happier employee

  • Lesson 2: What you must offer to attract your dream employee.

    The best employees know that they are in demand. They are confident, they are skilled, they are reliable, and they think for themselves. To attract this kind of worker you must offer more than just a job. You'll learn what the best candidates are looking for, and how to offer these items in your company.

  • Lesson 3: What your workplace environment must be like

    The best employees also want the best workplace environment, or they'll look for work someplace else. This lesson teaches you what steps you need to take to create the kind of workplace environemnt that will attract and keep the best employees.

  • Lesson 4: How to implement a profit-sharing bonus plan to attract the best employees

    Everyone likes to be rewarded for their hard work. In this lesson you'll learn how to structure a bonus program that helps to make your employees start to think like an owner.

  • Lesson 5: How to write a great help-wanted ad

    If your current help-wanted ads only seem to attract the lower crust of workers, this lesson will help you understand what makes a great ad and how to write one yourself. There's even a free sample of one of my most successful help wanted ads that I've been using for many years.

  • Lesson 6: Finding, Recruiting, Interviewing, and Hiring your Dream Employee

    Interviewing a great potential employee takes a completely different mindset from you than what you're used to doing. In this lesson you'll learn what mindset you must have when making first contact with your candidates. You'll learn how to interview recruits in a way that puts them at ease so that they reveal their true self. You'll learn the tricks of how to weed out the potential headaches and nightmare employees before you hire them. Do you hate training your newly hired employees because they suddenly turn into know-it-alls, or they interrupt you constantly and become egomaniacs? You'll learn how to find and weed out these candidates before you hire them. You'll also learn how to select the best candidate from a pool of qualified potential hires. How do you make sure your existing employees are on board and excited to help the new employee succeed? This lesson solves that problem once and for all.

  • Lesson 7: Following Through to Keep your Employees Motivated and Enthusiastic.

    The last thing you want is to go through all the effort and work of finding, interviewing, and hiring a great employee only to drop the ball and have them leave. I mean, the whole point of this course is to reduce employee turnover, so this lesson teaches you how to actually keep your great employees.

Each lesson includes a video and PDF course materials so you can really learn at your own pace in your spare time. There are no deadlines or rushing through it. As always I'm here for any support you need, just email me at [email protected]

How to Learn How to Hire the Best Automotive Employees for your Detail Shop, Body, Shop, Mechanic Shop, etc.

Simply purchase this course and devote the necessary time to implement the simple lessons and you'll enjoy this knowledge for life.
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Here's Why I Created This "How to Hire Great Automotive Employees" Course

For me, teaching is a passion. There's nothing like the feeling of seeing one of my students succeed in their business. Many of my students have far exceeded my own automotive business' success, and I couldn't be more proud of them! I've made this course very easy to follow along and learn at your own pace. I know we're all busy as business owners so I've kept that in mind while I was designing this course. There's no rush to finish. Just start with the first lesson and implement the concepts into your business as you go and as you have time. There is no deadline here other than your own desire to succeed. Lastly, there is no better feeling as an automotive business owner than when your business runs like clockwork even when you're on vacation. I encourage you to learn my proven method for transforming your business into what you always dreamed it could be. -Jason Barker

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