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"Working Hard is the Easy Part"

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Episode #1 How a Great Work Ethic Can Still Hold You Back in Your Car Business

For automotive business owners, your unquestionable work ethic is your biggest asset... but it it usually a liability also, and it's probably holding you back from the profits and lifestyle you're trying to achieve.  We dive into how this happens, and what to do about it.  If you own an automotive business like a body paint shop, mechanic repair shop, auto detailing shop, tire shop, upholstery shop, or you do stereos, build race cars, tint windows, PPF, replace glass, or mufflers exhaust, brakes, diesels, carwash, fix transmissions or any other myriad ways we make money in the automotive industry, you will benefit from listening.  

Jason Barker discusses the time vs. money topic to achieve crystal clarity on what to focus on in your business and your life. Jason also discusses the often-overlooked value of paying for online education courses.

There are actionable steps to take during this podcast so you can get started immediately seeing results in your business, both in terms of more money in your pocket, and in less hours down at your shop.
We talk about getting to the easiest profit wins first, like your free Google Business listing, firing your least profitable clients, keeping your prices up, saying no to unprofitable jobs, and knowing the importance of what financial numbers you need to know about your business.

Since this is the first episode in the Automotive Profits Academy Podcast, this is a broad summary of many topics that will be covered in much more detail in later episodes.

Jason also talks about how to find the time to do the small tasks that you'll learn about in this episode.  Time is always in short supply for us automotive business owners, right!?  So we find ways to identify time-wasting activities that you may not be aware of; like an excessively long commute, getting hooked on TV shows, checking your ever-cluttered email inbox, turning off your social media notifications on your phone, etc.  Also talked about is how to discover processes that can speed up common transactions in your business that are wasting your valuable time; like answering phones, and responding to client emails for pricing for example.

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