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The Automotive Profits Academy Podcast.

Podcast for automotive business owners who want to take home more money without working more hours.

Simple and easy-to-implement tips that you can use to start enjoying your business again.

Take home more money in less time!

Hosted by blue collar-millionaire and automotive business owner, Jason Barker.

Episode #6

Why your employees think differently than you, and what to do about it

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Episode #5

Demystifying your balance sheet report.

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Episode #4

Why the most successful automotive business owners track their net worth, and why you should too.

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Episode #3

Selling your automotive business?  What to do NOW to get the most money.

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Episode #2

"Profit"  Are you defining it correctly?

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Episode #1

"Working hard" is the easy part. You need to focus your lazy ass.

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