Testimonials and Reviews for Jason Barker and Automotive Profits Academy Online Courses

Other automotive business owners talk of their experiences with Jason Barker over the decades.

"I’ve known Jason Barker for over a decade.
If you’re interested in hiring Jason as a business mentor, rest assured it will be one of the best investments you will ever make for your business."

- Yvan Lacroix, Granby, Quebec, Canada

"In the 11 years that I have known Jason Barker, I have found him to exhibit both personality and integrity. 
Jason has always shown a desire for other businesses in our community to succeed.

Jason has been helpful to me in recommending systems that have benefited me with my company."

- Kirk B. Taylor

President, Sameday Scratch & Dent Repair of Portland, Oregon, USA

"I have been doing automotive business with Jason for over 26 years. 

Jason is always fair and honest in any and all business dealings with my company.  I have enjoyed watching him grow and thrive in the automotive industry over the decades. He has always maintained a top-notch reputation among local automotive business owners.  I am always impressed with his strong communication skills, and his willingness to step above and beyond to help other businesses. 

I can, without hesitation, recommend Jason and vouch for his character to anyone considering doing business with him."

- Ronald Reichen
Owner & President, Precision Body & Paint, Inc., Beaverton, Oregon, USA

I believe in treating people how I want to be treated.

Early in my automotive business-ownership career I was helped by a few wonderful people that really went out of their way to guide me.

I appreciated those guys back then, but my appreciation for their help and time still continues to grow as the years roll by.

They didn't have to listen to my endless questions, or tolerate my cocky attitude and ego either... but they did because they were selfless and caring people.  My gratitude grows every single day for anyone who has helped me succeed over the years.

My goal is to continue their pattern of helping younger folks who will benefit from my experience and success within our automotive industry.

If all of us helps one another instead of tearing each other down, this world will be a better place for our children when they grow up.  That's all it takes!

Automotive Profits Academy is my effort to help other car business owners achieve the life-changing success that I've enjoyed, and that we all deserve, if we're willing to listen and learn from people who will share their knowledge and experience.

-Jason Barker