"Financial Guessing to Financial Genius in 3 Months"

The Simple System for Automotive Business Owners to Make Rock-Solid Money Decisions Every Time.

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What This Business Course is About

Just watch. 
If you're tired of spinning your financial wheels, this is the course for you.


If you're always:

  • Stressing about making payroll
  • Feeling guilty for missing your kid's events
  • Ashamed that you're not providing for your family like you should
  • Exhausted from all those hours down at your shop

It shouldn't be that way ...and this is the first step to getting out of that cycle.

I know what all of this feels like!

I've received collection calls, I've missed important events with my son, I've worked 60+ hours and still feel like it's not enough.

But now I take home 6-figures while working less than 25 hours a week. 
Plus I have the time to travel frequently, go to any event I want, and mostly do what I want in my automotive business.

Here's how to start...
purchase this starter course to give you the proven process that all successful automotive business owners use. 
Once you have the knowledge in this course, it's yours for life.
After taking the course and implementing the simple plan, if you don't think you will get at least 5 times ROI, I will give you your money back. 

Tracking your net worth is like stepping on the scale to see your progress.  You must measure your progress in order to improve.

This short course teaches you how to easily track your net worth, and how to know which numbers are most important on your balance sheet report so you can track how your business is doing over time.

This is the initial crucial info you need to start turning things around in your life.  To KNOW when you're making the right or wrong financial decisions.

Simply purchase this course and devote the necessary time to implement this simple process and you'll enjoy the benefits of knowing your progress, and most importantly, how to accelerate that progress.

Avoid the financial catastrophes that lack of planning will inevitably bring like...

  • Calls from the IRS for unpaid/late estimated taxes.
  • Missing payroll for your employees.
  • Court notice for not paying your sales taxes.
  • Surprise medical expense but no health insurance.
  • Can't afford to move your business after your landlord sells the property.

Purchase this course now to avoid these common life-altering failures.

Reach your full potential as a business owner and provider for your family.
Enjoy what it feels like to own a business that serves you.


I can tell you from experience that it feels great to:
  1. Take home 6+ figures a year
  2. Work less than 8 hours a day then go home
  3. Take a 3+ week overseas vacation and come back to a still-profitable business
  4. Have a business that is actually worth something when you decide to sell

You will become known as the person whose business "seems to run itself" because your friends notice how you're never worrying about your business now, and you seem to always have some extra pocket cash.

Then something really exciting happens...

Other business owners start to ask YOU,

"How do you do it?!"

Learn what the most successful automotive business owners do to go from
"barely making it"
"I'm finally taking that 4-month vacation".

Complete Course


Most Popular

  • Lifetime Access
  • Free Spreadsheet Template Download
  • 3-Month Personal Tracking of Your Progress by Jason

"In the 11 years that I have known Jason Barker, I have found him to exhibit both personality and integrity. 

 Jason has always shown a desire for other businesses in our community to succeed. Jason has been helpful to me in recommending systems that have benefited me with my company."

- Kirk B. Taylor

President, Sameday Scratch & Dent Repair of Portland, Oregon